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The Law Offices of Paul F. Murphy


There are over 1 million law enforcement officials in the United States. When you are charged with a crime, your lawyer stands between this bureaucracy and you.

You need to understand your rights as they apply to this situation and the charges made against you.

All the facts must be carefully investigated and you must understand the range of penalties that can be imposed as the process advances.

There are no easy decisions to be made but I can provide you with guidance to make informed choices in developing a legal defense to advance your constitutional right and allow you to obtain a just result in District, Superior or Federal Court.

Call me directly to discuss offenses including:

Steps to Take:
  • Violent Crimes
  • Robbery/burglary/larceny
  • Drug possession
  • Trafficking
  • Domestic violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Drunk Driving/OUI – ( click on the Drink Wheel to evaluate blood alcohol levels)
  • Clerk’s Hearings
  • Outstanding Warrants
  • Expunging your criminal record