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Divorce & Domestic Relations

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Divorce & Domestic Relations

Divorces can be a highly emotional time for individuals who were brought together in the hopes of spending the rest of their life together.

When couples have limited property and no children the break up usually has limited issues to resolve. However, when children and wealth collide – some individuals become trapped into believing they must ruin a former spouse.

I have advised clients for years, to keep in mind that where children are involved “Don’t let a marital dispute ruin a relationship necessary to be good parents”.

Whether you are married or divorced you will continue to be parents and you must focus on maintaining positive relationships for the benefit of your children.

My office assists clients through this emotional time and provides guidance with: financial considerations; child custody and care; property division and counsel in pursuing either a no fault or fault based divorce.

I strongly recommend the use of private mediation to resolve issues that may not be addressed in a timely fashion or appropriate manner in the Court System.

Call me to assist you in working through a difficult domestic situation.